How to join the real illuminati Brotherhood anywhere in the world

Hello everyone i was browsing the internet and i saw a lot of wrong post
concerning the ILLUMINATI SOCIETY, i felt bad about it, i want to let you
know few things about the ILLUMINATI SOCIETY.
First, i join THE ILLUMINATI SOCIETY through the help of an agent someone introduced me to online, after years of trying to be a member. Being a member of the ILLUMINATI
your wealth is guaranteed, you will be given protection, fame, power and influence
e.t.c all these will be given to you by the Brotherhood.. one thing i want to correct is that THE ILLUMINATI don’t pay salary to their members, if you are newly initiated, then you will be given the seed of wealth and bless you with wisdom and lot of understanding, Much power, influence and Fame e.t.c these are what you need to be successful in the society. The seed of wealth is the only money the ILLUMINATI SOCIETY do give to their members, with this you can start anything/business with the money and you will be successful. Another point here is that the society do have special blessings for politicians and super stars.
Being an ILLUMINATI member is a personal decision, the society don’t force or beg
people to join them. I joined because i Love their doings, nobody forced me and today, i am very happy to be a member because they have contributed greatly to my
life by making me one of the leading business man in the world Today.
NOTE; If you are interested in joining the ILLUMINATI SOCIETY contact my Godfather Great prophet Parker On (+234-814-5319-264 OR +234-905-1856-063) tell him i (Protas Eric from Ethiopia) directed you to him.
Email: (
He helped me Became a member without Stress… this is the only help i can provide.

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